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My adventures within the sport bowling. I'll frequently write about my events, coaching tips, ball releases and much more.

Bowling Talks - Reading A Pattern Sheet

Knowing the oil pattern is one of the many keys to being successful in the sport of bowling.  When I browse various Facebook groups, forums and other places I notice that one of the most frequently asked questions is how do I read a program sheet?  I covered general gameplay in a previous post, titled Bowling Talks - Playing The Pattern.  In this Bowling Talk, I am going to specifically talk about reading an oil pattern sheet.  We'll call this part two, in the final part I'll discuss gameplay equipme

Bowling Talks - Playing The Pattern

I haven't really blogged too much about bowling, outside of my own adventures and reviews.  This post is going to be a shift in direction, as I am going to talk about lane play and dealing with the condition that you may encounter.  I'll use a step by step approach to best present the information to you (all bowling puns intended, here on out).  The USBC has kindly provided a guide as to define what a house shot, a challenge shot and what a sport shot

2017 Coldwell Banker Sportsmen's Review - The First Third

Sport Shot based bowling is vastly different from the typical house shot league.  The environment is much more intense and requires an additional level of a mindset that you can only gain with experience.  Each and every shot has value and contributes to long-term success for the week.  You don't typically see a bowler stringing strikes as often in this kind of environment.  Before we go into the review, why is this?  Well, the oil pattern provides regions of play.

The Next Phase Of My Bowling Career

When one starts an adventure, there is typically a destination in mind.  Since I was four, I hit the bowling alley.  Week after week I would dedicate my heart and soul (and energy, lots of energy) into the sport.  Phase one began when I started bowling in leagues at a young age.  I started with a modest average, which grew over time.  By the time, I was ready for high school, I was around 190 or so.  This lead into the direct transition into Phase II, which was bowling for a school team.  I bowled at varsity level for all four years, going to state during my freshman year.  Once high school

Back to Bowling

Since graduating, I've been able to pick up hobbies and activities that I dropped during my college years.  One of my most fond memories growing up was bowling.  Since I was four years old I would go bowling at least once a week to practice.  This eventually culminated into me playing at the varsity level throughout high school.  Thereafter, I joined a number of adult leagues in order to continue working on my passion.  Once school cranked it up to eleven, I had to put the breaks on in order to focus on larger priorities.  Well, the breaks are off and I'm back!