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Bleachers And Wild Cub - Taryn's First Concert

Some time ago, say November 15, 2014, Taryn, Sam, Tony and I went to go see Wild Cub and Bleachers at The Vic.  For Sam, Tony and I, it was another amazing show.  But for Taryn, it was her first concert ever.  Both acts were fairly new at this point, but we putting out a large number of hits.  Bleachers had already released all of this singles all of "Strange Desire", but "Like A River Runs" was only getting minimal airplay at the time.  The same applied to Wild Cub, an album was out, but airplay was minimal.  Regardless of these unknowns, both bands rocked the night away.  It was an unforg


The Vic
3145 North Sheffield Ave
60657 Chicago , IL

American Authors At Subterranean

Typically, I post concerts with a gallery, as Taryn and I take quite a few pictures during the show.  Oddly, this is one of the few shows where that doesn't apply.  And to make things more interesting, the setlist for either band isn't available either.  It's like a black hole, sucking in the memories.  Well, regardless of that conspiracy, I'll fill you in on the details.  The American Authors and Ryan Star put on a show at one of the most intimate venues I have ever been to, Subterranean.  This small, two-story club can only hold few hundred people.  So, getting tickets can be rough, espec


2011 West North Ave
60647 Chicago , IL

A Bit Of Design, A Bit Of Passion

As a developer, I do admit that my design skills are not the best.  While this may be my biggest limitation, I still am able to think outside of the box and design something that is both "poppy" and useful.  Currently, I am working towards building a number of unique web design concepts that will hopefully be used in later projects.  It's important to practice and hone your skills, regardless of what it may be.  During the day I program sophisticated applications.  By night I enjoy designing and creating unique websites designs.

Back to Bowling

Since graduating, I've been able to pick up hobbies and activities that I dropped during my college years.  One of my most fond memories growing up was bowling.  Since I was four years old I would go bowling at least once a week to practice.  This eventually culminated into me playing at the varsity level throughout high school.  Thereafter, I joined a number of adult leagues in order to continue working on my passion.  Once school cranked it up to eleven, I had to put the breaks on in order to focus on larger priorities.  Well, the breaks are off and I'm back!

GeneratorX - Live at Bolingbrook Pathways

GeneratorX is a local band based out of Bolingbrook, Illinois.  I have had the pleasure of receiving lessons from Guy Shelley, who is one of two guitarists in the band.  Over the past five or so years, I have developed a bond with Guy, as well as the band.  I enjoy going out and watching them perform.  And let it be known that I have also performed with them a time or two.  The band consists of Dan Droogan (vocals, guitar), Guy Shelley (vocals, guitar, bass, keys), Donna Shelley (vocals, bass, sax, flute), Robin Knapik (drums) and, Joanna Ottley (vocals).  On August 13, the band performed for the 2015 Bolingbrook Pathways Parade on the Performing Arts Stage.  I had the pleasure of watching the band perform from the audience perspective as well as back stage.  The gig went extremely well, covering a large number of chart topping hits, as well as a number of originals.  Inside secret: The stage that they performed on originally belonged to Disturbed.