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The Next Phase Of My Bowling Career

When one starts an adventure, there is typically a destination in mind.  Since I was four, I hit the bowling alley.  Week after week I would dedicate my heart and soul (and energy, lots of energy) into the sport.  Phase one began when I started bowling in leagues at a young age.  I started with a modest average, which grew over time.  By the time, I was ready for high school, I was around 190 or so.  This lead into the direct transition into Phase II, which was bowling for a school team.  I bowled at varsity level for all four years, going to state during my freshman year.  Once high school completed, I bowled in several adult leagues until college took over.  Being overwhelmed, I took a hiatus from the sport to focus on completion.  This past January I made a return to the sport.  Since then, I have tracked my journey on this site.  This leads to my next phase.

This coming August, I will be bowling in the Poplar Creek Open.  This will be my first take at a PBA Regional event.  While I have only been on the lanes actively for the past seven months, I have been able to maintain a 183 average on a sport shot league.  I know I have a lot to work on, but I will continue to strive for success.

Scores for the event will be posted here for your viewing.


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