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Programming - Your Path

This will not be a guide in web programming-but a guide on programming in general.  There are many paths in programming that you can go into.  There is various web development, video game development, computer development and various other paths.  Now, why am I here?  Well that’s why I am writing this article.


Programming is the general idea of coding data to make it work on a computer.  HTML, C++, Java, ect are all basically programming languages.   I may have incidentally not listed a few-but that’s okay.  There general idea is that you are coding and making something that the end user will be able to use, view or work with.

Web Programming

Well if you use the world wide web, you are looking at tons of pages (3 Million Sites+)  that have contained hours of work.  This little tale can easily tell you that web programming is huge.  Anyone can really take part in it and anyone can get a live site.  Of course if you want to really get into the nitty gritty-you can begin coding databases, and active scripting that will take lots of work.  ASP, PHP, and various other languages are considered active since the end server will go through the page and pass on the data.  Also, you only have to code a few pages at most as the data will be fed into this one page.  Of course this is a slight tangent.

Game Programming

You probably already know what the Xbox360, PS3, Wii and the other various consoles on the world wide market.  Well, to make them popular for the huge wealth of gamers-you have to code the games first.  Games tend to fall into the C++, C# area with tons of other languages as well.  Video games are huge-but of course the programming is huge as well.  The “blockbuster” titles have tons of tons of work on them and use large teams to get the titles to be what they are.  If you take a look at the Halo Series (Over Here) you can see all the work that is put into the game.

Computer Programming

Windows, Mac, Linux and the like all take computer programming to be created.  This is a huge market.  If you have a computer-you are using a piece of software that took hundreds of thousands of hours to complete.  Tons of languages go into these projects and they tend to sell, and sell big!  Vista, Leopard, Suse and so many others go into these huge categories.

Why Web Programming

Well the purpose of this article is to show you what brought me into the world of Web Programming.  I have attempted many other programming sets-only to not like them or not be able to “see how they run.”  For me Web Programming gave me a side of creativity with a large heap of programming.  I have the ability to see the changes infront of me happen ON SPOT and not have to go through tons of code to get small changes-such as that of the other programming sets.  Of course, that is my opinion and can be opposed.  I just like the fact of being able to see everything happen live as I build it and that really becomes obvious in the web world. Of course, I do enjoy the work put into the other markets-but HTML, PHP, ASP and the like have all been something I could easily catch and that really didn’t happen as well with the other sets and that’s why I am a web programmer.

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