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Tech Corner: Google's Codebase

Programs, web sites, phones and technical devices are all powered by code, source code.  Typically programmers flaunt the number of lines that build their applications.  At a recent engineering conference, Google annouced that it is powered by roughly 2 billion lines of code!  This is quite a large quantity, but what does it mean?  Today's blog will focus on the power and meaning of what Google recently announced to the world.

Source Code

Source code is the key component to the logic of hardware within computing devices.  Programmers craft code in order to create or react to certain situations that may arise due to user interaction.  For example, when you request a web page a server responds with the data that you see on the page.  When you open an application, the operating system reponds with the data of that given app.  Source code is the key driving component, along with hardware and interface devices that makes a computing device function as we see it today.

The Lines

Google annouced that some 2 billion lines of code drive Google as a company.  According to Wired, this includes a large number of Google applications including Google Search, Maps, Docs, Google+, and all other Google internet related services.  This incredible count towers over a number of other large known entites such as Windows or even Drupal (the content management system that I use).  Google is quickly becoming the key company of the technological world, even more so than Windows.  Just think about how many times you hear the phrase, "Google It".

The Future

Programming is a constantly growing field, even after the .com boom, which happened roughly 15 years ago.  It is estimated that the job outlook for a programmer is roughly 8% and growing, accoridng to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  I believe that programming will be a key component of future growth within the global economy.  Companies will require programmers and developers to help support and build applications that not only suit their needs, but also communicate with the world around them.

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