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Web Development (Computer Science) & Why I’m Here

I am currently a college student, and will be attending the University of Saint Francis this coming fall.  I attained my Associates Degree in Web Design & Administration from Joliet Junior College.  I was a spotlight student at JJC as well, you can view that article over here.

One of the scholarships that I am applying for is the Franciscan Challenge.  It requires that I write a 500-1000 word paper on why I chose Web Development (Computer Science) as my chosen field. What you are about to read is the essay that I will be submitting. I hope you enjoy it and will possibly be able  see why I do what I do.  Please post your comments and if you want-contact me with anything you may want to know about.

~Jason Kryst


Web design and development has been a hobby of mine for quite some time now.  I have been designing and developing web sites since the sixth grade.  I started designing and creating sites using Microsoft Publisher for the clubs at my school.  From that moment on, web design and development became part of my life.  Moving onto seventh grade, I designed and posted a web site for Prairie Junior High School’s outdoor garden.  It was my responsibility for the year that I spent there.  Using Microsoft Front Page helped to key in my design ideas.  I honestly knew very little about the code that would go behind it, but I enjoyed what I was able to create.  After moving to Plainfield I did not have the opportunity to create web sites for my school, instead I decided to create a gamers web site, which would become Gamers Pad.Net.  I posted to that site for almost two years until I decided to move on to bigger and better things.  After graduating from Heritage Grove Middle School, I attended Plainfield Central High School.  At PCHS, I created a plethora of sites for various clubs, including the National Honors Society, Key Club, the Boys Bowling Team and many others.  I learned HTML, CSS, JavaScript and all the various languages that make a web site work.  In 2008, I decided to create a company, 126 Studios, which has become my passion.

With being a part of the web design and development field, I have a few goals in mind.  I want to be able to create web sites that inspire people.  I want to be able to create a world that anyone can visit and be able to be a part of.  A lot of the web sites that I visit are not very inspiring; they lack the interest that keeps people coming back.  Along with a great creative ability, I want to develop a social community.  Having interaction is important, and I hope to change how many websites interact with their visitors.  After designing and developing a few web sites, I have learned that sites should be artistic and creative. It took me some time to break from the ideology of form over function based web design.  Upon being more creative, I was able to understand that when a web site has a creative or artistic side it has the ability to be a home for a company, rather than just a house for information.  I believe a web site should be an open door for visitors, and to me that is the main goal I have when I create any site.

Through various projects that I have completed, I have gained experience on how to approach my potential clients as well as their expectations.  This experience has taught me how to handle individual clients.  Each client has their own personality, budgets, wants and goals.  I have learned to adapt and handle these unique aspects of each project that I approach.  Experience is not the only key factor that I have gained, project management is another.  Managing project tasks and setting forth individual key tasks and due dates helps me complete a project in a timely, efficient and successful manner.  As a business owner, I have to find ways to manage keep competitive.  I have been able to develop pricing structures that not only are cost efficient to my clientele, but are also profitable to me.  I also have to make sure the clients are able to afford the rates I have created and agree to them.  Finding this balance was a essential task, though I was able to complete it with my focus and determination.

The ability to handle my current clients as well as continuing to find new customers are an example of my determination.  Motivation goes a long way when I am working on building my portfolio.  I have the motivation to create a business and gain over five unique and different clients.  Determination has kept me going regardless if I was denied a project or not.  I’ve kept going nonstop to get where I am now.  Working on expanding my future even more, and with my motivation and determination, I plan to become very successful.  I’ve had many difficult projects on my journey.  When difficulty sets in, I am very willing to learn and try new things.  I’m not afraid to try new ideas or approaches to make a project successful.  It is almost daring, but I try to take steps to complete a project, regardless of the difficulty.  If I have to take a risk, I will do so in order to satisfy the customer.

I have a very long history in the field of web design and development.  I am very excited to push forward and achieve my goal of obtaining my Bachelor’s Degree in Web Application Development.  Through my many years of experience and to the new ideologies that I gained with knowledge and practice, I am very excited to become a Web Developer.  I step forward, highly motivated and ready for the future.  As my professional future comes ever so near I am ready for any obstacle that may come my way.

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