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SSE - 2017-05-10 (Week 1)

Welcome to the first week of my bowling journal fo the Fox Bowl Storm Sport Experience league.  This short season, summer league will consist of only various bowling sport shots that are typically seen in tournament/professional environments.  The league will bowl on each shot either two or three times.  This week, the house put down a tricky shot, the Kegel Sphinx.

The Sphinx is by no means an easy sport shot, and the scores reflect that.  I believe the highest series in the league this week was about 680 thereafter scores rapidly declined into the 500s.  I shot a 508 for my first go round - which isn't great, but not too bad either.  Here is the breakdown.

Game 1

Once you find your way, it isn't too bad.  The pattern has very little to no play outside of about board 10.  If you throw it out there or too fast, don't expect recovery.  Depending on your luck you will either leave a 1-2 easy conversion or a dreaded wash-out (1-2-4-10).  For those of you with lower revs, keep it tight and keep it on target.  The ball should break down lane at about the 10 board or so.  And if you do miss, pick up your spares!  This will keep you in a good scoring pace.

Game 2

As the shot begins to break down, you are able to gain some playing room and push it out quicker to the break point.  This will provide you with more carry and convertible spares.  Play area does open up, but you still don't get the recovery from probably outside of 8.  Pulling it to far in either provides a nice Brooklyn strike or wash out...again depending on your luck.  Odds are you will make one or two parallel moves (2 feet, 1 on lane).

Game 3

After about the fifth frame I was unable to recover my shot, losing my place on the lane.  This is by no means a lane or equipment issue, but that of the operator.  By the time I decided to pull out the No Rules Pearl, it was too late.  Once the lanes start to transition to burn, you are going to need to either speed up or make a ball change.  Unfortunately, all I have at this time is a No Rules Pearl and a Phaze II.  The Phaze II played really well through the first two games, providing a nice read.  Once the lanes grabbed too much, it seems as though you can speed up, move right and throw something with some shine on it.

The Future

Look forward to Week 2, coming to you next week!

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017
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