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SSE - 2017-05-17 (Week 2)

Week two played a bit easier than week one.  While the shot was technically the same, it sure as heck didn't feel like it.  Regardless, let's dig into the final experience on the Sphinx.

Game One

The pattern from the get-go had more room and forgiveness than last week.  I was easily about two to three boards inside with more speed than last week; although outside of ten was still no man's land.  Missing target right led to more convertible spares than washouts for the most part.  Game one started off pretty solid, although I did miss target right a couple times, leaving splits as crucial moments.  Lesson learned, don't miss outside on the Sphinx.  (I think I may have said that before....)  And, don't miss your mark on crucial frames...

Game Two

This game played more or less as a continuation of the last game.  I didn't have to move at all from the previous game until about the sixth frame or so.  And even at that, the adjustment was a minor 1 and 1 parallel move inside to find some more oil.  I initially overstepped this move as a 2 and 1, which caused some havoc within the seventh and ninth frames.  Damn those splits for when you hit the pocket light.

Game Three

Once you have a good adjustment, just roll with it!  The oil consistently held throughout the entire game.  By about frame 5 I gave it a tad more speed to keep it online. Parallel moves or otherwise were not really required throughout all ten frames of this game.  The only word of advice here, don't miss outside.  I'd be damned if I didn't say that about a dozen or so times.  That and pick up your spares.

Overall Review

The Spinx is a neat pattern that isn't too difficult once you know where to play.  It has some forgiveness built in via the holding area in the center.  Weak hits tend to be extremely harsh being no less than a split or a washout.  Since very few can play the outside track area, this tends to never break down, thus the ball hangs ten for all sixty feet.  Overall difficulty rating: Demanding (Scale: Easy -> Moderate -> Challenging -> Demanding -> Strenuous)

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017
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