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Storm Bowling Phaze II

The Storm Phaze II is my first ball purchase after my hiatus from the sport.  After communicating with Gregg Zicha, we determined that the Phaze II would be a perfect benchmark ball within my arsenal.  I placed my order on the first week of January and had it drilled over at Fox Bowl Pro Shop, which is inside Fox Bowl.  I have since thrown numerous games and am thrilled with this ball.  It has a great midlane read with a strong but predictable back-end flip.  If you are looking for a great benchmark ball to add to your arsenal, I highly suggest this ball.

Update 05/31/2017

After reviewing my current lineup and looking towards the future, I decided to contact local pro, Steve Jaros, for a new driller.  After a short conversation, he suggested that I contact Rich at Players Corner Pro Shop.  After meeting with Rich, it was decided that in order to best prepare for the future, I should adjust my lineup and game.  After throwing a few games with him overseeing my technique it was decided to redrill and make a surface adjustment to my Phaze II.  The updated images are below within the gallery.  The new surface of this Phaze II is at 1,000 grit abralon.


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Wednesday, January 4, 2017