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Storm Bowling Sure Lock

The Sure Lock was on my hit list for quite some time. Since I have a lower rate, I need all that a ball can give on higher volume or longer patterns. This ball came highly recommended from many people, and it proudly sits in the number one spot in my bag. I will follow through will more details as soon as I get more familiar with how it works. After bowling about a dozen games or so, I can provide some additional information in regards to the Sure Lock. First and foremost, this ball hooks. On the fresh Eiffel Tower, I was already playing about five to seven boards deeper than my No Rules Pearl or Phaze II. I was extremely impressed with how well this ball responded to oil and friction. It provided me with a strong roll through the mid lane which was absolutely incredible. I look forward to using this ball on fresh patterns which either have length or higher volume. Once the lanes break down, a transition to a weaker ball is a must. Using this ball on lower volume shots causing too much snap on the backend.
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Friday, July 14, 2017


Title Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Opens Series Average Location Pattern Type Event
SSE - 2017-07-20 (Week 11) 139 186 172 10 497 165.667 Fox Bowl Kegel Dead Man's Curve Fox Bowl Storm Sport Experience (2017)
Parkside Lanes - 2017-07-17 201 196 156 4 553 184.333 Parkside Lanes WTBA Sydney Open Practice
SSE - 2017-07-12 (Week 10) 211 168 144 6 523 174.333 Fox Bowl Kegel Eiffel Tower Fox Bowl Storm Sport Experience (2017)