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These are the helper items that get me through my day on the lanes. Tape, screw drives, cleaning items and more fit into this broad category..

Kegel Revive Ball Cleaner

The story is quite simple. Kegel knows oil. Kegel knows how to clean it. But we also know, all cleaners leave small traces of residue. With that knowledge, we began studying how cleaner residue alters the surface energy of the bowling ball. With Revive, our chemists' were able to create a cleaner that not only cleans great, but also changes the surface energy of the bowling ball. How does this help you and your bowling equipment? We found the modern bowling ball really "likes" lane conditioner; basically, it has a very strong attraction to it.

Storm Bowling Shammy

Bowling balls absorb oil very quickly when in use, hence why I ordered a shammy. I am extremely impressed with the quality of it and look forward to using it regularly.

Storm SportCast II Wrist Support

Throughout much of my bowling career, I needed to wear some kind of wrist support. Due to excessive use of force on the ball, I would lose control at the top of my back swing.  This lead to extreme loss of momentum, because I was adding to much force.  It was then suggested that I wear a support to provide support to my wrist.  While this band-aid fix did help me throughout high school and afterward, it was not the final solution.  Ultimately, I needed to adjust my game in order to fix the problem.

General Accessories

  • Swiss Army Knife
  • 3/4" and 1" Bowlers Tape
  • Cloth Towel
  • Other miscellaneous accessories
  • Asprin

Storm Bowling 3 Ball Tournament Bag With Shoe Bag

I have two Storm Tournament bags on hand to carry around the necessary equipment to take on the lanes. The more aggressive equipment is within the black bag, while transitioning equipment is in the red bag.