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The bowling ball is the key tool for the bowler. Each ball is unique unto itself - even two of the same balls can be vastly different.

Storm Bowling Mix

The Storm Mix is my go to tool for spare conversions. Of course, spares are very important when bowling on tougher conditions. Without a good spare ball, you might bite the dust on the corners and difficult conversions.

Storm Bowling Sure Lock

The Sure Lock was on my hit list for quite some time. Since I have a lower rate, I need all that a ball can give on higher volume or longer patterns. This ball came highly recommended from many people, and it proudly sits in the number one spot in my bag. I will follow through will more details as soon as I get more familiar with how it works.

Storm Bowling Flash Point

After getting back into bowling this past January, I retired a large number of the balls within my collection. The only two that I did not discard are the Virtual Gravity and the Flash Point. I initially used this ball for breakdown based conditions back in high school, which was about eight years ago. After visiting Rich at Player's Corner Pro Shop, it was decided that this ball should be brought back for experimentation and general use.

Rotogrip No Rules Pearl

The No Rules Pearl is an excellent ball for patterns where there is either a fair amount of oil volume or the pattern has some length.  I choose this as my second ball in my arsenal for a couple of reasons.

Storm Bowling Phaze II

The Storm Phaze II is my first ball purchase after my hiatus from the sport.  After communicating with Gregg Zicha, we determined that the Phaze II would be a perfect benchmark ball within my arsenal.  I placed my order on the first week of January and had it drilled over at Fox Bowl Pro Shop, which is inside Fox Bowl.  I have since thrown numerous games and am thrilled with this ball.  It has a great midlane read with a strong but predictable back-end flip.