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WTBA Sydney

The WTBA 2013 Sydney 33' Pattern
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Parkside Lanes - 2017-07-17

As I gear up for my first Regional Event, I am focusing on practicing more often in order to work on technique and stamina.  Since January, I have only bowled about three games a week.  While this is a good rhythm, it won't suffice when I will have to bowl at least eight games in one block of time.  Tonight I took a drive over to Parkside Lanes.  To my surprise, they had the WTBA Sydney Pattern down, which I took a wail at.  The pattern, being roughly 33' matches closely in length to the 35' PBA Cheetah that I will be seeing soon.  That being said, let's go for a quick run down.


Parkside Lanes
34W185 Montgomery Rd
60504 Aurora , IL