Developer, Bowler, Media Guru


The various projects I have built for clients as well as myself.

Shared Vision Psychological Services

I oversee the content management for Shared Vision Psychological Services through communicating with office staff via email.  Site updates include the management of imagery, content, news and events, and various content pieces.  The site was designed and published by another entity, who no longer oversees the site.  In addition, website hosting is managed by their IT provider.  The site is largely HTML with a Drupal installation to manage news and events as well as general resources.

GriderDentistry.Com - Redesign

The initial design of GriderDentistry.Com withstood the test of time as a website. Being built in 2009, there was little to no focus on ensuring mobile compatibility or page response times as users primarily came from desktop based sources. As time passed a number of new technologies became increasingly important within the world of web design and development. No longer are users just on their laptops, but are now using phones, tablets and other devices to connect to the internet.


Most projects don't require the amount of creativity that ToniGreathouse.Com needed.  The design, structure and design was uniquely built to match the creative, unqiue heart of its owner, Toni Greathouse.  The project required a number of design concepts and revisions in order to reach completion.

USF Department of Communication & Media Arts

Development of an online multimedia portal through the use of the Drupal 7 platform.

University of St. Francis Department of Recreation, Sport & Tourism Management Internship Portal

As a group, developed a online portal application in which students can search available internships which are approved by the department. Using Drupal 7 as a base, the site was configured to fit the needs of the client.

Migrated and maintained the website after internal launch. Completed core and module updates, keeping the site up-to-date.


GriderDentistry.com is a small brouchure site designed and developed for local dentist, James Grider.  The site has a specific focus on the family-friendly based approach of the services that Dr. James Grider provides.