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Sugar, Sugar

Sugar, Sugar! Welcome to a blog entry on the history of programming.  How does sugar fit into programming history?  A little thing called syntactic sugar.  

Tech Corner: Content Management Systems

Welcome to Tech Corner!  This week's article focuses on Content Management Systems (Drupal, WordPress, Joomla) and why they are common on the web.

My Evolution of Programming Knowledge

Transitioning from programming language to programming language is no easy feat, even for those who have been doing it for quite some time.  It's no secret that a versatile programmer should know at least a half dozen or so programming languages to be efficient (I will count HTML and CSS as separate languages for this discussion).  As a web developer, I started out by learning HTML and CSS through the use of Microsoft Frontpage (now Microsoft Expressions).  I would use pre-built templates and took full advantage of the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) functionality of the tool.

Programming - Your Path

This will not be a guide in web programming-but a guide on programming in general.  There are many paths in programming that you can go into.  There is various web development, video game development, computer development and various other paths.  Now, why am I here?  Well that’s why I am writing this article.


Tools of the Trade: Web Design & Development

The design and development of a website or application can be tricky.  As a developer, I rely on a number of different tools to complete the job.  Below I have provided a pros/cons list of some of the most popular tools used within the industry.

Adobe Creative Suite (Dreamweaver)